Check out this #NEWVIDEO from Mitch Da God called, “Positivie Vibes”


Mitch Da God is an emcee repping Neptune, New Jersey with a team of “day one” spitters who go by the name of GDG, which stands for “Get Dis Gwap”. They also refer to themselves occasionally as T.O.E. as well, which stands for “Trust Over Everything”. Ideally, they’d like to consider themselves as conscious, yet hood rappers, because even though they don’t engage in gang related activities like their other homies, unfortunately they still carry the stigma of being “products of their environment”. GDG also classifies themselves as “above average” when it comes to rapping and are definitely some very creative individuals.

GDG x T.O.C. also recently produced a mixtape entitled The Mitchtape which shows their fans and listeners how badly HipHop needs to bring back the same fundamentals that brought the genre to the forefront. Mitch mixes his experiences, memories, and his fluent knowledge of self to create music that people can relate to. “Positive Vibes” will immediately show you how a couple of talented emcees can change your prospective on life. The Mitchtape covers various popular songs from 2014 such as Schoolboy Q’s “Studio” and a bunch of others. 

If you enjoy the sounds of “Positive Vibes”, be sure to take a listen to The Mitchtape for more exclusive singles from Mitch and the GDG crew which is featured on Datpiff.comListen to it here.

Watch his Positive Vibes video below, Shot by @DMFFiLMS

Video Directed by Daniel Friedman

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