The Invite Pt. 1 (Minute Til Midnight) – Jep Roadie

The Invite Pt.1 (Minute til Midnight) ArtworkAs I continue to progress as an artist and as a man, I find myself learning more each day. I often times find myself creating new worlds and new ideals. Imagination is something I have always held close to me. Imagination is always something that has saved me from myself. Jep Roadie is much more than an artist name to me. It is an urban legend. It is a modern day wise-tale. It is my life, seen through my eyes, heard through your ears. Expression through art isn’t much more than feeling aloud. It isn’t much more than crying out for attention. I set out on this journey for pretty much two reasons. I wanted to find myself and I wanted to find like minded individuals. I want to cultivate minds and redefine culture. You are now welcome into my imagination. Bear witness to the renaissance. – Jep Roadie

Regal Cover


Jep Roadie releases his first official single from his latest upcoming project entitiled, “Regal” which is scheduled to drop November 25th. This single is called “The Invite Pt.1”, its a dope R&B song with chill vibes with similar influences of The Weeknd who is popular in the R&B game right now. Check out his latest single from Soundcloud.