photo (18) Independent songwriter and recording artist TRAGEDY releases his newest project, “ON THE RIGHT TRACK”, a powerful 9 track EP featuring vocal talents by Jennifer Simone, Eboni Sherelle, and EZ as well as various compelling tracks produced by Dizzy Crane, Beats by Keishh, and D Lo. “ON THE RIGHT TRACK” also features Tragedy’s premiere track, “Go Dumb, Spazz Out” featuring DDM with beats produced by GQ MitzFitzSoundz. 

Inspired by his self-expression, personal life experiences, and an undeniable passion for Hiphop, Tragedy constructs a coercive musical montage of his life while still delivering exceptional lyricism to his fans and listeners with a distinctive style and utterly unique flow.

OTRT trag

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Notable Lyrics:

“Not in it for the money, concerned about wealth. Dont do it for nobody, just do it for self. Give it all that you got & pray that it works,  If  it don’t I still wish you heaven on Earth.”

“Surrounded by material wishes and reality stars, when & if you aint good, you only peek from afar. Homie aint no way we can change, (woah) We are who we are, Keep it humble my nigga & hold it down for your dawg.”