DOPE“We’ve spent our entire lives constructing the contents of this mixtape. We’ve finally gathered those various perspectives, concepts, and life experiences to create a project. Though time consuming and challenging, we found this process to not only be enjoyable, but therapeutic along the way.We’re extremely proud of the work that we’ve put together and hopeful that our music will touch you in the same way that these different circumstances touched/shaped us. Not only is this an orientation as we embark on this journey in the world of music, but as we embark on our lives in this world as young men in a world that is as foreign to us as we are foreign to it. With that being said, here’s the mixtape ‘Orientation’ “

“Orientation” opens up with a nice, soft, poetically spoken depiction of D.O.P.E’s musical resume, or as they’d like to call it, the verbally communicative assault on the industry. It is a very intriguing monologue that immediately captures the attention of it’s listeners using very descriptive vocabulary and imagery. Their story continues to unfold as they formally introduce themselves harmoniously through “The Handshake” which also expresses their longing for materialistic things that they wish to obtain through their music. The D.O.P.E. sound is very distinctive, but yet trendy at the same time where as each of these young fellows have similar voices to some of the role models in the industry thus far. One could say Jimmy Conway has a similar flow to the early works of Kendrick Lamar back in his “Section 80” days, which is definitely a compliment to his style. As for Mayday, his sound is more pragmatic and passionate and you can hear the similarities to Ricky Rozay in the outro of “The Feeling”, where he mocks him very impressively. Speaking of, one of our favorite tracks from the project is “The Feeling”, it’s a D.O.P.E. spin on the popular & well-known beat of “Feel Good” by the English musical and visual band The Gorillaz, but their mix makes for a more virtuous version of the song. There’s nothing meek about the problem that these young men have faced, however they’ve already came so far from where they’ve started and they’re working hard to reach the top that success could be right around the corner for these guys.  D.O.P.E. also shows a more softer side to their music in “Let Me Know” where they slow it down a bit and aim to grab the attention of some of their female listeners, with the useful help of a brilliant, yet unique re-inaction of one of the popular auto tuned & enhanced voices that is very similar to the one J.Cole used. There is also some smooth harmonizing by Jimmy Conway which help to compliment the quite nicely as it closes and carries over into “She Like It” which they describe as “life music”, telling the story of the party life of a female living in the fast line.

“Sad as hell to see someone so smart become a stripper, these niggas making it rain with thoughts drowned by the liqour.” – Mayday

We don’t wanna give away all the magical wordplay and talent displayed in the making and the production of this mixtape, so we encourage you to listen to it and hear it for yourself. The project consists of 18 thought compelling tracks which will definitely leave you knowing exactly how dope D.O.P.E. really is. But don’t just take our word for it, hear it for yourself! Listen to the full stream of their mixtape down below



We we’re very pleased with the quality and substance of this project, so we gave it an A+ for our HiddenU. project evaluation. Great Job!

Notable Lyrics:

“I was made for the blues, I was made for these shoes & made to rock souls & prayed to crush grooves. I paint with lush shoes of living life at the bottom, get ’em, I got em, now I’m ready to blossom. ” – The Feeling

“Forget the womb, they’ll throw salt on your tomb. Feel like them haters arrived when I departed the womb. Caught in a room full of niggas that never understand the lifestyle of a sheltered and cultured younger man, You feel the weight of the world if you carry grams, in seventh grade my teacher told me you plan to fail if you under plan.” – The Ditch