YK APEarlier this year, we were introduced to “YK”, which is commonly used to refer to the Young King Stevie Kush, however we stumbled upon the addition to his duo, his younger brother AP. Spoiled from birth, he’s finally out here getting it himself and making his way around, as he would say himself. With a style similar to that of his brother, AP manages to still distinguish himself from Stevie while repping hard for Philly, spitting heavy bars and realness from the streets. In his latest project “Advanced Placement”, AP comes hard with a unique flow putting it down on a few classic hiphop beats as well as some of the more popular new bangers we’ve been hearing lately. Although Advanced Placement has some memorable mixes, however “Pain Killers” in particular, is AP’s cover on “Tuscan Leather”, the legendary track from Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same” album. He delivers confidently as he spits about his life, networking, and grinding hard as an artist. His lyrics flow nicely over this beat especially during the breakdown where the tone of the song changes, and he gets just a little more serious while still using clever word play and a few catchy lines. “Pain Killers” is a lyrical depiction of his life that expresses some of his highs, which include popping bottles and partying, with his lows as well, like losing a lot of his loved ones including his mother for example. Overall, AP is definitely headed in the right direction proving himself to his doubters as he continues to grow as a recording artist & builds his brand with his brother Stevie in Philly. 

Listen to the full Advanced Placement mixtape here

Memorable Lyrics:

“I’m back like I never left, we chasin checks. Nike just do it for my set.

Competitiveness got me ready to rap, come through, make a mess.

Straight spitter, not a one hit quitter, I deliver.”


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