“King Speech” by Stevie Kush (mixtape review)

young kings

Although the we’ve already closed the book on 2013 and we’re anxiously making room for 2014 to set in, it’s only right that we pay respect to a mixtape that we feel is definitely worth recognition. One of Philadelphia’s upcoming and underrated emcees, Stevie Kush released a mixtape project entitled, “King Speech” that has 15 high quality tracks introducing the world to the self-proclaimed Young King.

“King Speech” opens up with a New York bass-styled track called “Goldie”, that’s sure to knock hard in any stereo and quickly unravels to set the mood and lay down the foundation. It proceeds to give off a familiar genuine Harlem/A$AP feel, with a gritty Philly aura to it as Stevie Kush lets his listeners in on some of his materialistic values and experiences chasing wealth. Ever wonder what it’s like to live like a young king? You’ll know exactly how it is according to Stevie after listening to “Err Night” and “King Shit”.

photo 1Making moves & stacking chips surely got his haters mad, and he makes it known that once he makes his big break, nobody better be looking for handouts. However in the meantime, he’s flexing with heavy 808s in his “Welcome to My Party” track that is very reminiscent of a Brooklyn-like flow. A young Fab in the making perhaps? Either way, he’s definitely exceeding certain expectations.

As he brings the project to a close, Stevie opens up and spits about some tragic events in his personal life, including the tragic death of his mother at age 15, that evidently helped him connect a little deeper with his listeners and show them that there is a softer side to Stevie Kush. He ends the mixtape with a bang from Drake’s most recent chopped and screwed, club-friendly beat, “Worst Behavior”. Overall, we were impressed with “King Speech” and we gave it an “A” on our mixtape evaluation. Good stuff! Download it now on:



photo 2

Honorable Mentions:

“Goldie” — “Welcome to My Party” — “I Be So High”
“The Juice” — “Slum Dog”

Notable Lyrics:

“I’m here for a reason, spreading knowledge like diseases/
Need a slice of that pie & dont try to feed me no pizza/
We been here for a while so its only right you treat us/
& the more i hear the radio the more i think they need us.”

“So you mean to tell me that they’re on off of these checker flows/But every time I rap I re-create DaVinci’s code/No need to flex, these just all my older flows/Been knew I had it, I just thought I’d let you know”

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