San Diego based hiphop artist, Rob Grimes has just released his first full length project in the form of a street album entitled “Some Will Some Won’t” and he is notably using his artistry to put the heart and soul back into hiphop. Grimes uses clever wordplay and irresistible personality with his magnetic delivery which has already earned him a lot of respect among most hiphop aficionados. Additionally, Rob Grime’s relentless work ethic and unique style are the main factors that set him apart from his competitors.

When it comes to music, it is very common for musicians to sound alike and be headed in the same direction, however, sometimes it can be wise to create a whole new path that sets you apart from other aspiring emcees like you. With Rob Grimes’ new video, he does just that with visuals that definitely take the quality of his music to a whole different level. Check out Rob’s new video, “Now Do You”.