Last Week’s Artist Submission: Mel Alston JR

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This week’s artist submission comes from Mel Alston JR.

Mel is a Howard University graduate who eventually teamed up with J Forbes and a few others from Philly to establish a group called “Da Circle Entertainment Group”, which focused primarily on promoting positive influence and to network with other local Philly artists. Mel later began to work with several writers and producers including Willie Stone, Terrence Anderson & Ric & Pres. Although Mel is still currently unsigned, he has hopes on breaking boundaries with a unique new sound influenced by both rock music and R&B. The featured track, “Purple” was produced by Willie Stone and it is laced with a lot of soulful vocals and that unforgettable Philly sound. “Purple” is a dedication song to a special woman with “the perfect mixture of red and blue”. The video for “Purple” is also scheduled to drop sometime in December, so be on the look out for that. “Purple” is also the first single off of Mel’s fourth coming album, Movie Muzik.