Music Cafe Live Tour Kick Off at Fairleigh Dickinson University [FDU]

music cafe flyer

Last night, Music Cafe kicked off their first ever college tour with the help of Uplift Group as they opened up for Fairleigh Dickinson University, and brought their musical flavor to grace the stage of the Student Union Building (SUB) at FDU’s Teaneck campus. A lot of very talented performers hit the stage to display their art in various different forms including singing, spoken word, freestyle, profound acapella, poetry recitals, dancing, and even some light comedy by the host, KevMusicMan.  It was definitely an evening of good music and good vibes for those who attended.

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However, one of the most remarkable moments of the night was the short film introduction to the college tour featuring all the band members and a few other individuals who contributed to the making and production of the Music Cafe tour. We dont want to spoil the film for those who have yet to see it, but let’s just say its truly impeccable and it’s an inspiration to all the performers and hard-working individuals who are in conjunction with the tour. Additionally, Music Cafe opened up their intermission portion of the show to welcome members of the audience to the stage to display their talent and the outcome was quite an experience. Aotree Snow was one of the unlisted performers who recited a very thought provoking poem that gave listeners an eye opening perspective on a very tragic experience she encountered, which inevitably encouraged others to share their deepest thoughts and feelings as well. 

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There is a lot of fun in store for the rest of the tour and their next performance at Kean is sure to give you way more than that! Music Cafe hits the stage in the Little Theater at Kean University tonight for what we consider to be their “Homecoming” performance and another night of good music. The performers are sure to show out for their home team of friends and supporters who helped to inspire them to continue doing what they love. If you’re in the area of Kean University, Union, or Elizabeth, be sure that you show face for a stunning performance by the Music Cafe. You don’t wanna miss this one! 

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