Artist Submission 10/21: GoodMorning

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This week’s artist submission comes from Chad Wellington, a talented emcee who answers to the name GoodMorning.

Previously known as c.Wells, the rapper, GoodMorning is both a songwriter and rap musician based out of the Baywood, Long Island area with a lot of multi-leveled, socially aware, and sometimes racy lyrics, however, his catchy lyrics and stage presence speak for themselves. He changed his name to GoodMorning back in 2010 while he was in the search for a more unique name to better fit his approach to music. His latest project entitled “Trial and Era” is an 8-song compilation of musical content that flows deeply into the realms of the inner workings of GoodMorning’s alter ego, Vallen Luca and it also features production by long time collaborators Capital P & Chi-Richie In addition to the “Trial and Era” mixtape, GoodMorning is also working on putting out three other projects including “Trial & Era 2.0”, “MCMXLV” and “Crazy8”. Check out his single “IMPROPER” featuring Seillis from his “MCMXLV” mixtape below.