Artist Submission of the Week: Grey

grey 2

Our Artist Submission for this week is a very talented southern emcee from South Florida currently residing Baltimore with a huge passion for making music. As a kid, Grey was raised around a lot of musically inclined individuals in his family that exposed him to a wide range of music genres which later influenced him to gravitate  towards rap & hip-hop music. Grey started rapping as early as 13 and his inspiration from other southern rappers eventually led him to develop a rap style of his own.

Grey’s journey through music continues to thrive as he caters to his craft in music. He has already produced three mixtapes since he began establishing himself as an artist, “UnDaEsTiMaTeD” being his first, “Grey Skies” being his second, and “Now or Never” which is currently his latest mixtape. Here’s a track from his “Now or Never” mixtape that we thought was dope, its called “For the Money”

image (3)