“The High Life” Re-Release Party at The Fire

photo (10)

Out of all of the venues we’ve been to so far in Philly, believe it or not, the Fire over on Girard Avenue is one of our favorites. Not so much for the people, or the drinks, or even the set up, it’s more about the intimacy and the magic that happens on the stage. The Fire is one of those places where you can fully connect with the artist performing on stage which makes the presence of each individual special.

tom charles 2

Tom Charles was a pleasant addition to the all-star line up for the evening of September 6th, as we also welcomed Mike Milehigh, I-Know Brasco and Reef the Lost Cause. It’s always a pleasure to see Mike perform, but this time he shared the limelight with two of his homies who helped him to open up his set real nicely. Each time he performs you can be sure that he’s bringing his Milehigh MAFIA supporters with him that represent for him so heavily. 

mile high mafia

However, Mike wasnt the only one who shared the spotlight with his homies, I-Know Brasco also shared his set with other aspiring musicians who took advantage of this chance to show us some of their talent.

brasco and friends

All in all, each of these performers did a great job as they left their mark before Reef the Lost Cause who is one of the biggest underground hip-hop artists in Philly. As you already know, we certainly look forward to our next show at the Fire. 

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Re-Release Party at The Fire HERE

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