Artist Submission of the Week 9/9


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D.O.P.E, or “Despite Our Parents Expectations”

MayDay & Jimmy Conway are two young fellows from New Jersey who use their gift in music to portray their lives in a very poetic way.

This single “The Feeling” is from their “Orientation” project, which is a mixtape that gathers each of their various perspectives and life experiences as they embark on their journey through the world of music. 

The two strive to make their music as literal as possible in order to convey real events and occurrences in life that many young adults can relate to, particularly those with trapped hearts and minds. May Day & Jimmy collaborate bringing each of their unique styles together to inspire and to surpass the expectations that have been set for them. With their “Orientation” mixtape, they hope to reach their listeners minds and touch them in the same way that these events helped to shape their lives.