AfroPunk Festival 2013 – Brooklyn, New York

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What’s a better way to promote diversity than to host a multicultural festival in one of the most culturally urban cities on the east coast? This year, Afropunk Fest returned for a successful ninth run in the last 10 years in Commodore Barry Park which is located in the Fort Greene neighborhood of the borough of Brooklyn. Commodore Barry Park also happens to be Brooklyn’s oldest city park (fun fact). However, the weekend of Afropunk always brings a vast selection of unique vendors, food from some of New York’s trendiest food trucks, an all-star line-up of live musicians, a police-free skate and BMX zone, and of course a lot of great looking people! 

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The Afropunk festival was initially started after a documentary with the same name was aired back in 2003 that showcased black musicians and fans who thrived among the subculture of punk and hardcore music. This might explain why the crowd is usually a fusion of hip-hop, punkers, ravers, and hipsters with music to cater to each of their unique styles and tastes. The energy carried on through both days of the festival and definitely reached a climax on the last as there were still many moshes and very high energy moments. 

Outside of the music, there was also a colorful display of street art and talent. There were also several artists and graffitists amongst the crowd who left their mark literally, as well as additional DJs spinning on the other stages in the park to keep the music pumpin.

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New Orleans bounce artist, Big Freedia hit the stage for the first time with Ninjasonik following after who made their second appearance, this time with their extremely hype crew of young bouls. However, the anticipation of Danny Brown hitting the main stage made it hard for both performers as well as the crowd to contain their excitement as they cheered his name in between sets. Surely enough, Danny Brown did everything but disappoint with a very energetic performance which later resulted in him hopping off stage and into the crowd. Trash Talk and Sunny Gang each had performances following Danny as well as Chuck D who took on the stage later on that night.