Campfire Vibes at The Fire 8/8

the fire 2

Although we all love enjoying nice weather and turnin up on  warm summer nights, unfortunately this beloved season of summer is slowly winding down. So what’s better than enjoying some campfire vibes around the fire ? No, we’re not talking s’mores & Kumbayas, but we mean enjoying some real smoove hip-hop and R&B as well as some nice cold brewies at The Fire between 4th and Girard Ave in Philadelphia. The bar area of The Fire may not be all it’s cracked up to be, but the passion and the magic that young musicians bring to the stage definitely makes up for it. Hidden University joined Halfro, Faylin Johnson, Verbatum Jones, and The Bul Bey as they gathered on the stage to deliver some positive vibes through music.

the fire performers

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Each of these musicians performed a fair share of their original content as well as some of their favorites from other celebrities. This gave the audience a chance to really connect with these artists on a different and more intimate level. Additionally, we got to hear some of Bey’s new music that we’ve been hearing so much about which was also our first time actually catching one of his live performances. Bey also introduced us to his group of really cool dudes with a whole lot of musical talent that all play together in a band called Hazie Blu. A few collaborations from Verbatum Jones and Faylin Johnson were a pleasant surprise as they teamed up to bring the show to a close. We learned a lot about each of these musicians as they left a little piece of themselves on the stage that night.

campfire vibes