Redbull #SoundSelect featuring Miss Azealia Banks


Voyeur Night Club

This past Friday, we ventured out to Voyeur Night Club in the Center City area of Philly to catch a performance by Miss. Yung Rapenxel herself, Azealia Banks. However, before the young diva graced the stage, a Philly artist by the name of Mike Taylor warmed the crowd to open up the show. Mike Taylor is a pop-singer/songwriter from Philadelphia bringing a new swag to pop-music with some very catchy lyrics and song melodies. Mike hasn’t been in the bizz very long, but his buzz is already building up pretty nicely. He received a lot of love and support after his performance as he shouted out his moms and closest homies who were in the building watching and supporting his every move.


But it seems as though Khari Mateen didn’t make it out for his performance which we later came to realize once they sprung us with one of those ‘spot-filler rappers’ who later got boo’d off stage. As he went to hype the crowd after his opening song, he gave us a “Y’all wanna hear some more?” Believe it or not, the crowd actually said NO! And continued to boo him off stage. He hopelessly shouted “That’s okay .. I’ma sing my song anyway.” Little did he know, the DJ actually disconnected his mic & refused to let him go on while the crowd gave him the boot off stage. Thankfully, we didn’t catch the rapper’s name or else we might’ve actually had to air him out. 

azealia banks

Unfortunately, we couldn’t carry in the proper video equipment, but that certainly didn’t stop us from capturing greatness. Now with a 30 minute gap to fill, the audience anxiously awaited Yung Repunxel’s arrival. DJ Cosmo swooped in  on the one’s and two’s to build the energy back up to welcome Miss Azealia. Once we all got a glimpse of her, the audience turnt up almost instantly! Philly definitely showed her a lot of love coming all the way from Harlem, New York. Nonetheless, if you kept up with us on Instagram you already know she put on a damn good performance, but in case you missed out, you can watch her performance mashup right HERE. 

Watch Azealia Banks Perform at Voyeur for Redbull’s #SoundSelect HERE

If you would like to hear the full songs and lots more of Miss Azealia Banks, you can download her “Fantasea” mixtape HERE


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