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There are some singers and musicians who can bring the words of a song to life, however there are also producers who lay down the beats and provide the framework for great music. Michael Perry, also known as “Prod” from The Product Entertainment, is one producer who definitely takes great pride in making beats. Prod has been producing and making beats for almost 7 years now and whenever he’s having a session, he always encourages his artists to think outside of the box in what he likes to call a 4×4 format.

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“Don’t give me the first thought, give me the third or fourth thought. Cuz those are the ones that are out of the box, the ones you actually thought twice about and put more thought into.”

Prod has worked with various artists such as “Big Facez”, “Phene”, “Renaissance Stylez”, “Murc” and “Dillz”, an upcoming MC from Cincinnati, Ohio. Most importantly, Prod is one of the biggest inspirations for one of Hidden University’s headliners, The Bul Bey. In fact, in our interview with Bey, he told us that The Product Entertainment was one of the main driving forces behind his success and probably one of the biggest influences on his career. TPE definitely gave him the confidence to go harder and to stay focused on his music. 

Before his title as a producer, Prod is a definitely a hip-hop enthusiast first. His love for hip-hop inspires him to bring something more to his music. Some of his biggest musical influences include Big K.R.I.T, Kanye West, and Kid Cudi, however no one tops Jay-Z in his book. In fact, Prod is one of the very few people, 2001 to be exact, to have Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint” album on vinyl. 

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When it comes to famous producers in the game, Timbaland and Stevie Wonder are some of his all time favorites while he can also appreciate some Swizz Beats. However, as of lately, Prod has been working on a project of his own called “Monkey Food” which is expected to introduce a sound that is a little different from the usual drums and 808s of hip-hop. He admits that some of the music he’s been working on lately might be a little “before it’s time” but it’s do-able for the artists who can utilize the creativity of their third-brain. 


With so many artists and musicians starting the “basement” phase of their careers, it’s hard to find producers who can actually make quality music. Fortunately, if you’re in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area, you don’t need to look any further than The Product Entertainment for a signature style that you’ll be sure to love. One of our favorite newbies from Prod features The Bul Bey in a song that is currently titled, “New Shit” and you can preview it here. Let us know what you think.


If you like this song, you can hear more of The Product Entertainment’s beats both old and new on ReverbNation.com/teamproduct