“G to the Skrill” – Gabe Skrilla

“Philly is a Masterpiece, Y’all just got bad taste.” 

Gabe Skrills

Fresh off his hiatus over in London, “G to the Skrill”, AKA young Gabe Skrilla, or Gabriel Wolf as of lately, is a talented young MC from the streets of Philadelphia who has a very different perspective on “Philly Life” than most people. As you may or may not know, life growing up in Philadelphia as a minority is unlike any other, but it definitely helps you to become exposed to a lot of different types of cultures and diversity where sometimes you can grow up to become a melting pot of your own. But despite all the negative stuff people have to say about Philly, Gabe prides himself in showing people the positive things about it. So, he came up with an idea to display his art form in a way that allows him to determine his own worth & success in the form of “GABE SKRILLA”.

“I find myself spending a lot of time trying to do what I can to not fall victim to the ways of monetary oppression that a lot of people are forced to go through, indebted to society. “

Although he’s only been in the rap game for about 2 years, Gabe says hip-hop has always been a big part 0f his life. He hasn’t exactly solidified his style, but he definitely has a unique sound of his own. With the help of his colleagues  Gabe has definitely been generating buzz all around the Temple University campus. There’s obviously a bunch of other aspiring rappers coming up out of Temple, however despite his struggle to outstand his peers, I guess you can say Gabe is one of the more popular MCs. With all these MC’s contributing their own flavors to the same culture, Gabe is really only worried about himself. Stepping outside of Temple, you can clearly see that Gabe has generated a pretty decent presence for himself and you can tell just as soon as you drop his name in the right crowd.  However in Gabe’s last year at Temple, he hopes to lay down the foundation of his craft before he takes his talents on the road as a career. 


With so much talent on the streets of Philly, Gabe hopes to soon collaborate and grow with some other popular upcoming rappers and add some of these beautiful venues to his repertoire of stages. While he’s still a little jet-lagged from his trip in London and juggling summer classes at Temple while also trying to maintain a job, I’m sure it’s hard to stay on top of things. However, he assures that the second scroll to his newest project to follow up “Prometheus’ Findings” he will release “Shalling of Secrets”, which he says will be an ode to the Wu-Tang Clan in addition to a short film that he refuses to let the world in on just yet. Other than that, you can check out his previous projects, like “Reservations: Fashionably Late” on his Soundcloud “Gabe Skrilla”.




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