J.Cole – Born Sinner


Back by popular demand, J.Cole finally drops his sophomore album, Born Sinner which actually leaked before it’s anticipated June 18th drop date, the same day as Kanye’s “Yeezus” album. Coincidence? Who knows, but it’s clear that ya boy Jermaine really put his all into writing and producing Born Sinner as he lets his fans in on his sinful, yet heartfelt past. Throughout all 16 tracks J.Cole goes above and beyond to really get listeners to understand his story while still toggling between feeling victorious and resentful. Much of Born Sinner talks about the fame, the money, and the pleasures of life as a star while the other half weighs in on him yearning for something more.


Unlike most rappers these days, J.Cole has a reputation of saying what’s real and shedding light on problems that everybody can relate to which is obviously not which car he’s driving or who he’s laying in bed with. He’s known more for inspiring people to work hard and to do what you love in life instead of trying to fit in with the “IT” crowd. Even though his unsettling emotions can be a bit depressing and sombering at times, he’s not too far from another emotional yet successful young light-skinned rapper we all know. *cough* Drake *cough*. 


Whether it be “Powertrip”, “Crooked Smile” or “She Knows” which are all personal favorites of mine from Born Sinner and are definitely some of Cole’s strongest tracks. Although it’s been some time since his best selling mixtapes, “The Warm Up” and “Friday Night Lights, there has definitely been some growth but you can tell he’s still the same lyrically gifted story teller as he always was.  There’s no doubt that Born Sinner will be the album of the summer and is nothing short of impressive.