Lewie2Stacks Drops A New Video Called “Everdene” off His New PowerPlay Project

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Every Tuesday, Hidden University gets an exclusive drop from Lewie2Stacks for the infamous, #2StackTuesdays. However, this Tuesday Lewie did something a little different. Instead of him leaking a track from his upcoming “CoKean” mixtape, which unfortunately he has post-poned, Lewie leaked something new and innovating. He gave the world preview of his first single off a new project he is working on called “PowerPlay”, which is expected to be a step back from your average rap and hip-hop music. This new single is titled “Everdene” which is based on a sad but true story of a close friend who passed away from back in 2007. Produced by Eddy One Take, “Everdene” gives a more serious and edgy feel which outside of Lewie’s usual flow, but was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Everdene shot

With the release of Powerplay, which he hopes to release in July, Lewie aspires to bring his listeners back to the traditional roots of groovy hip-hop with some gratifying beats and smooth sounds that is sure to provide a sensual experience. Without further adieu, check out this hot new video called “Everdene” by Lewie2Stacks.

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R.I.P. Everdene