June 5th at The Blockley

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Hidden University got the exclusive promo from the June 5th show at The Blockley featuring our main man & Temple’s own Pooda Dappa and others like Mike Milehigh and Chris Yance. The Blockley is one of the most popular upcoming music performance venues that embraces audiences with its state-of-the-art sound system and is also West Philly’s main spot for live music. The atmosphere was incredible and there were definitely good vibes running throughout the building. Not only was there a tremendous amount of musical talent present, but we also bumped into some of Philly’s upcoming urban fashionistas like J.P, the owner of Art History Clothing and some other new friends looking to break into the industry.


The performers received a lot of love and support from the audience along with some real positive energy. But I have to say, everyone who performed really put on a great show and we’re looking forward to seeing these guys again real soon. We really enjoyed the venue at the Blockley & we admire the very “intimate” set up. Overall, it was definitely a great night to see some phenomenal performances and we look forward to returning for another show at the Blockley. But, until then, check out our first official HU Promo.

Watch the official Promo 

Blockley Promo


Or view it from Youtube

June 5th Promo

IMG_7665Mike Milehigh Blockley

IMG_7678Mike Milehigh Blockley 2

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