Lewie2Stacks Leaks “Started From the Bottom” From CoKEAN

SFTB Lewie  (1)

On behalf of Lewie2Stacks’ latest trend, #2STACKTUESDAYS, Lewie2Stacks leaked another single yesterday from his highly anticipated debut mixtape, “CoKEAN” titled “Started From the Bottom”, which is his very own unique remix of Drake’s latest hit single. He talks about some of his experiences growing up in Trenton, girls, money, and of course showing nothing but love for his Club Nati crew. The buzz for Lewie2Stacks and his CoKEAN mixtape increases weekly with his scheduled leaks, which has pretty much became his routine each and every Tuesday thus far. CoKEAN is sure to yield positive results for the young rapper, whom is single-handedly establishing his own fan base thanks to Twitter and SoundCloud. Be sure to stay tuned for another leak from CoKEAN and follow @Lewie2Stacks on twitter for #2StackTuesdays updates every Tuesday. 

Listen and download it below