Imraan Mohammed: Trinidadian Singer/Rapper.

Imraan Mohammed“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work.”

Hidden University has just been hit with some very versatile new talent. 20-year old Imraan Mohammed, a Trinidadian singer/rapper from East Orange, New Jersey reppin “Too Fresh Crew”, a group of eight very close Caribbean kids who all rep the same neighborhood. Too Fresh Crew originally started out as just a bunch of friends who all liked to hangout, party, and make music together.

It went from us just sitting around smoking and free styling to buying a mic and recording songs in my bedroom,” says Mohammad.

     Imraan was raised in a Muslim household in Newark with his mother who was more into old school pop and a little bit of light rock, while his dad didn’t condone any of his music interests and didn’t support his creative form of expression whatsoever. However, he didn’t let the disapproval of his father keep him down for too long. Imraan took his talents and teamed up with his brother’s high school homeboy, Farris III, a 22-year old rap artist and also a member of Too Fresh Crew. In addition to teaming up with Farris, he also collaborated with 23-year old Houston native, “Katastrophic”, another triple threat artist that sings, raps, and produces whom Mohammad truly honors for teaching him the skills to record his own music. Imraan also worked with Frae Fusco, another starving artist from Newark, recently on a pretty captivating song called “That Girl”.

“I’ve learned that no one is going to be on the same exact page as you. Sometimes you just gotta’ push yourself.”

Imraan 3

 Despite his love for the Too Fresh Crew, Imraan strives for the opportunity to succeed in the game as a solo artist. With flows similar to that of Frank Ocean and Miguel, this guy Imraan really does his thing on his choice of a smooth song cover. With musical influences like Mac Miller, Miguel, and Nipsey Hustle, Imraan is sure to switch his flow up to lay it down on the right beats. Although he’s still going through his own version of  the “kickin’ beats from the basement” phase, he doesn’t plan on letting that stop him from getting serious about his music. Farris and Imraan have already hit the stage at numerous well-known venues like Moka Night Club and Level Ultra Lounge in Queens, NY. They also did their thing at XL Lounge in Newark, NJ.

Imraan Mohammad believes that his unique style sets him apart from a lot of the typical mainstream artists.

” I’m different because I don’t lie in my music; I don’t rap about stuff I don’t have or things I don’t do. It’s everything I’ve been through or done.”

This Kean University junior writes songs about real life. Songs about failed relationships, friendships, family problems, and struggles from being on the other side of the law. You know, typical college problems. Out of all of his tracks so far, Imraan says his favorite was his written freestyle from a popular Outkast beat called “Aquemini”. You can find songs like “Aquemini”, and other personal favorites like, “Do you wanna ride?” featuring Katistrophic on his Imraan’s music page on Show him some love & check him out!

Too Fresh Crew XL lounge Newark, NJ.

Too Fresh Crew XL lounge Newark, NJ.