Third Eye Theory: Captivating Young Minds

Left to right: Jeffrey Palao, Matthew Palao, Lawrence Cortes

Left to right: Jeffrey Palao, Matthew Palao, Lawrence Cortes

Lawrence Cortes, and his two cousins, Matthew and Jeffrey Palao are the members of The Third Eye Theory. However, these young scholars have their own interpretation of what their Third Eye Theory is. Even though theory is derived from the Ancient Greek word theoria meaning to look at, behold or be aware of, in modern terms a theory is an idea purposed by one and is constantly trying to be disproved by others.

Art should be something that requires some type of thought, knowledge, or feeling. Whether you’re making music or a t-shirt, it should be something that means something to you,” said group-member, Lawrence Cortes, Junior Biology major here at K.U.

This Third Eye Theory group started as an idea with an open mind and wide open eyes to their future. They’re bringing their dreams to reality by transforming thoughts into actions. Third Eye Theory will captivate your ears by using popular instrumentals and remixes from well-known producers like Madlib, Flying Lotus, MF Doom, and Nujabes to encourage listeners to open up and become the “real” you. Coincidently, you might’ve even seen stickers posted around Kean campus with the third eye Chakra and pyramid with the words “Third Eye Theory” labeled on it if you’ve walked near the fences by Hennings. Third Eye Theory is not only using music to influence the desired audiences, however they’ve certainly got their hands full when it comes down to marketing themselves. These creative minds make music, they’ve got a very unique clothing line, their own stickers, and to top it off, Third Eye Theory also has some pretty awesome pictures and videos. With all these features, Third Eye Theory is sure to appeal to more than just your ears. All of these things are what they use to embrace their ingenuity, or “weirdness”, as the group members like to call it.

“Too many people think in constraints with what they should and shouldn’t do. We just try to forget about all that and just do us. When you get to that stage where you can just let your creativity flow without being restricted with what everyone else might think of you, your art becomes more original and more you,” Cortes stated.

Third Eye Theory has definitely got their work cut out for them. Amidst all the photo and video shooting, along with sharing music and blogging about their hype, there’s no doubt that these guys are on their way up. In addition, they hope to get a site set up to assist them with blogging and to have their products available online. Don’t be afraid to open that third eye and check out Third Eye Theory!

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