Montez Love: No H8

Quashawn Lamont Love

Quashawn Lamont Love

    “Success is never monetary to me. I rather pride myself with people telling me how well I’m doing. That’s what really determines whether I’m successful or not,”   says 21 year old Quashawn Lamont Love, a Communications major studying Media at Kean University.

Love also conveys being very passionate about music since a very young age. Quashawn, also known as Lamont to most friends at Kean, sang in a choir up until he was 10 years old when he realized he had a serious passion for poetry. After writing his share of poems, he began turning his poetic ingenuity for rhymes into meaningful raps.

Following the several years of writing rhymes and poetic harmonies, Lamont took his talents to the studio and recorded his first song at 18. Before long, about a year or so later, Lamont was introduced to Swanny River and became a part of the Swanny River Music Group. Lamont claims to have been doing music ever since. With a similar sound of young A$AP Rocky, “Montez Love” strives to let his music speak for itself. With the anticipation of his mixtape dropping December 4th called “No H8 Mixtape”, he also hopes to make his big break as Montez Love. However, if music doesn’t work out, he hopes to use his degree to be a radio or talk show host in New York, Atlanta, or Los Angeles.

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