Meet Lewie2Stacks !

 Lewie2Stacks20 year old Trenton emcee, Jaryd “Lewie2Stacks” Lewis, has been kicking rhymes and stealing
the spotlight since the third grade. Since the age of eight, 2Stacks has been making songs about money,
cars, and nice clothes. His rap influence came primarily from his older cousin, “Cam” who encouraged
him to keep improving on his skills. Eventually, he became so adept at rhyming that he wanted to show
off his talent along with some help from his brother, “Roc”, who sprinkled him with some wise words
that gave him just the boost he needed.

“They like you when you rap, but they love you when you’re real.”

This insightful motto pushed him to generate a buzz so big that he grabbed the attention of one of
Philly’s most well-known hip-hop stations, Hot 107.9, formerly known as 100.3 “The Beat”. His winning
votes in a contest called “Beat Sixteen” earned him a grand prize total of $2,000 when he was just a high
school sophomore. Hence his name, Lewie “2 Stacks”.

But, what’s so special about Lewie2Stacks? This charming young sophomore, media- major is currently attending college at Kean University in Union, New Jersey and has ample star power in addition to brilliant wordplay. With a huge upcoming project titled “CoKean” which entails a video blog along with his debut mixtape that is also scheduled to drop in March, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this cultivated emcee.

Previously working with Hevi Artillery Records, Lewie2Stacks looks to extend his welcome into the music industry and continue to strive for success using inspiration from his son, Travis, who keeps him motivated with determination not to give up. 2Stacks looks to change the rap game with his raw, unique style by utilizing his hard work, dedication, and heavy influences from his family. This talented young rapper is definitely on his way to the top with a big break that is sure to turn a lot of heads. Be sure to check out his OFFICIAL WEBSITE for all his latest photos, video and music HERE .


Check out Lewie2Stacks featured spitting in this ARTofficial Cypher ! #FIRE 

Listen to Lewie2Stacks Here

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